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Hands down a "Dynamite" night at the EL Paso Speedway Park!!

Ruben Mireles

With thirty-three USAC/NMMRA 360 Non-wing Wingless Warriors checking in through the back gate called for a “Dynamite” night! The Casa Nissan Legends, USRA Street Stocks, Hornets, and the USRA Topples Modifieds joined the Wingless Warriors to put on a great show for the fans.

Thirteen USRA Street Stocks made the call for tonight's racing action. Fifteen laps schedule distance for the Street Stocks, called for a long train wreck. Brandon Cruse would show the way by almost a straightaway. Later after two cautions, your third caution would fly for your leader Brandon Cruse! Brandon was all alone and crashed into the billboard in turns one and two. Brandon's night would come to and end. Jon McDaniel would take the lead and take over control, with Michael Medina behind him. Justin Lasiter was in second earlier in the race until he was involved in two yellows. Lasiter would just pull it off with ten laps to go. Jon McDaniel would lead until another caution came out, then another caution came out! So many yellows later that officials called the race with five laps to go. Jon McDaniel will walk away with the points lead over Justin Lasiter in the USRA Street Stocks at El Paso!!

Things are really heating up in the USRA Street Stock points, but also in the Casa Nissan Legends! Seventeen Legends making the call, and it was a teenager show!! All three sixteen year olds where running first, second, and third. Tristin Gattis, Luis Esqiuvel, and Joshua Jackson! Luis Esquivel and Joshua Jackson who have a war going on in the point standings are having a World War III on the track!!! Those two fighting for second until Tristin Gattis slows down, and they find themselves battling for the lead. Joshua Jackson would get revenge from Saturday night and would win the battle. Joshua Jackson would have a good lead until out of nowhere here comes Tom Zuloaga battling for the lead!! A caution would fly, then Joshua Jackson would leave them behind on the restart. Later things would calm down, and here come Allen Gattis with three laps to go. Allen Gattis would go right behind the bumper of the #37 of Jackson. Fans would go crazy, because Allen Gattis made risky moves to get around Joshua Jackson! Allen would try the outside until Jackson blocked! Then again on the center of the speedway, now Allen Gattis just found good traction on the outside, and pasted Jackson like if he was parked! Allen Gattis would win the battle between him, and Joshua Jackson for the win!

Our USRA Modifieds went topples! Also twenty drivers battled for a $1,500.00 pay day!! The race was so good from start to end! Philip Houston would join us, and he would lead with Royal Jones fighting to get around. Royal Jones would get to the lead. The action was in the top five. Jake O’Neil, Nick O’Neil, Fito Gallardo, Jacob Gallardo, Jimmy Ray, Philip Houston, and Sherman Barnett would battle to stay in the top five!! Fito Gallardo and Jake O’Neil would go all out, and put the chips in the center of the table to get around all of them. A caution would fly, and it would be Royal Jones leading, and a target to Jake O’Neil, and Fito Gallardo as they where right behind him on the restart. At the restart Fito Gallardo got around both of them on the bottom!!! It was crazy, until a caution came out! Fito Gallardo would have to do it again. At the green it was a complete restart. This time Royal Jones took care of the bottom, Jake O’Neil would now try the outside since Royal was in the bottom! Jake O’Neil to the lead just for a second as Jones swings right back around. Now it’s time for Fito Gallardo to shine as he does! Gallardo to the lead and jumps to it, with Jake O’Neil getting some company from Jacob Gallardo!! It was the battle of the Jake’s. Jake O’Neil would win that battle as Jacob Gallardo got a flat tire. Later it was Fito Gallardo leading, and time was running out for Jake O’Neil. Jake O’Neil with two laps to go would try to get around Fito Gallardo, but couldn’t. Now it’s one lap to go, and Jake O’Neil moves Gallardo from the bottom, and goes below the tires for moister and gets around Gallardo for the win!!! The fans went nut’s after an insane finish! Jake O’Neil would bank the $1,500.00 pay day in the USRA Topples Modifieds!!

After a “Dynamite” Modified main event, lets see if the Hornets can keep up the excitement.

Andre Gonzalez who has a win already this season would jump to the lead, and would show the way until Benny Pena, and Rudy Tarin Jr joined him up on front. A caution would fly for Alejandro Garcia spinning in three, and four in his #212. Later Andre Gonzalez trying to step up his game and trying to give Pena, and Tarin Jr some competition for the lead, got taken out by the 24s of Saul Delgado in turn one! Flat out taken out! Later it was smooth, and easy for Rudy Tarin Jr as he would set it on cruse control to the win!

Everybody was ready for the USAC/NMMRA 360 Non-wing Wingless Warriors!! The drivers made the fans proud as it was an outstanding, hands down a “Dynamite” race!! Shon Deskins would show the way with Josh Pelkey, and Rj Johnson behind him. Josh Pelkey in 12 would sometimes have a faster car and would catch up to Shon Deskins in 20, but just couldn't pass. Same deal with Rj Johnson in 77m, he couldn't get around the 12 of Pelkey. Later after a couple of cautions, Rj Jonson would get around Josh Pelkey for the runner up spot. On a restart later Rj Johnson got around Shon Deskins for the lead!! Both would make contact and Matt Rossi who was in fourth would jump to the lead!!! Until a RED FLAG WAVED! “Chargin” Charles Davis Jr went up side down in turns one, and two!! After that it was overtime with a green, white, checker, and a complete restart!! Rj Johnson trying to get around Shon Deskins around the bottom of the speedway, as he tries the bottom and goes all out! Both drivers went side by side, and the last hundred feet was insane! Shon Deskins had the bottom of the speedway, but Rj Johnson was on bed rock!!! He went below the tires, and SMASHED THE GAS TO WHEELE IT TO THE CHCKER FLAG AND WOULD PASS DESKINS FOR THE WIN!!!!!! It was a finish we will never forget! Rj Johnson would beat Shon Deskins to the checker flag first after Deskins fell short from leading it from flag to flag at the end.

A “Dynamite” night of racing in all divisions, left the fans saying “Wow” at the end of the night, satisfied with another show in the books at the El Paso Speedway Park. We would like to thank all the fans, drivers, and crews for coming out, and supporting this Labor Day Weekend race #1 presented by Casa Nissan, and Casa Ford.