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Mini-Sprint Showdown

It was a great night for racing out at the El Paso Speedway Park last night as the Super Trucks, Street Stocks, Legends, X-Mods and the Mini-Sprints tore up the track.
The first class to speed onto the track were the Super Trucks. They got off to a rocky start with a complete restart with a caution in the first lap. Once they got going again with Walton Kyle Sr. pulling ahead for the lead early on. He put some distance between himself and the rest of the pack. Two laps into the race some debris in turn one brought another yellow on the track. Kyle Sr. continued to hold down the lead with Sherman Barnett following close behind. With six laps to go Kenny Alons went door to door with Barnett and Alons made contact with Alons. Neither car stopped keeping the race going. In the meantime Kyle Sr. was able to hold down his lead and cruise his way across the checker flag first.
Next up the Street Stocks were here to battle it out for the win. There was yet another complete restart as Jon McDaniel got loose in turn four and made a complete 360 spin. McDaniel was then slammed by another car. They got started again with McDaniel moving to the back of the pack but that didn’t stop him from moving his way to the front of the pack in the first lap. Donavon Flores took the lead with McDaniel and Justin Lasiter battling it out for second. The three leaders were right on each other’s bumper lap for lap. With eight laps to go Lasiter went door for door with Flores. With five laps left to go Lasiter made his way past Flores for the lead. The end of this race was a real nail bitter with Flores and Lasiter switching up the lead. With two to go Flores stole back the lead again and laid down on the gas. Flores put just enough distance between himself and Lasiter and checked out first.
The Legends took to the track next and they may be little but they pack a big punch. Out of the green flag Luis Esquivel pulls his way into the lead but not for long. Joshua Jackson revved up and took the lead and started putting some distance between himself and the rest of the pack. With 11 laps to go Alex Esquivel spun out in turn four stopping on the track. Even after getting lined up again Jackson had no trouble pulling into the leader position. With four laps left to go Mike Zulaga spun out in turn two for the second caution for the race. Jackson was able to maintain his lead and was in his own world with not one catching him before he cruised into the winner’s circle.
The X-Mods pulled onto the track next with John Carney Sr. taking the lead until Mike Gonzales tried to get around him and spun out in turn four causing a multi-car pileup. When they got lined up again Alex Gonzales took the leader position with Sherman Barnett trying to get around him. With 11 laps to go Fito Gallardo got around Barnett for second and set his sights on Alex Gonzales. With nine laps to go Gallardo took turn three wide and left the race track. Barnett moved back into second place but could not get an opening to get past Alex Gonzales. With only four laps to go Sherman Barnett and another car connected in turns three and four. When all was said and done John Carney Sr. took the lead going side by side with Carlos Ahumada Jr. He wasn’t able to get around him in time before Carney Sr. flew past the checker flag.
The last event of the night was the fast flying Mini-Sprints who were battling for a $600 dollar win. With the waive of the green flag Donavon Cruse flew to the lead with Jacob Johnston right behind him. Two laps in Johnston pushed his way into the leader’s spot and quickly put a whole straight away between himself and the pack. With no cautions in this main event nothing stood between Johnston and his $600 pot.
Next week we are bringing back the Southwest Late Models along with the USRA Modifieds, USRA Street Stocks, Bombers and Hornets. If you can’t wait that long for more dirt track action head over to the Southern New Mexico Speedway Saturday night for some more Mini-Sprint action. See you at the races!