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Jones fends off Jake Gallardo for USRA Modified win

Royal Jones celebrates his USRA Modified victory.

The El Paso Speedway park came to life last night as the Mini Sprints, Late Models, Street Stocks, Legends and Modifieds showed up to put on a great night of racing.

First up, the fast flying Mini Sprints flew onto the track for a battle to the checker flag. With the wave of the green flag Paul Telles Jr. took the lead with Jerrad Warhurst following on his tail. Warhurst revved up and pulled ahead a few laps into the race. With Warhurst leaving the rest of the pack in his tracks, Jett Carney and Telles Jr. went door to door for second. With two left to go Jett Carney jumps ahead of Warhurst and they are neck and neck going into the final lap. It was a photo finish with Jett Carney pulling ahead just in time to pass the checker flag, winning by inches.

Next up the track roared to life with the show stopping Late Models. It only took one lap before the first caution of the mains as Dave Deetz overshot turn two. Once they got going again Oscar Perez made contact with the wall on the front straight away wall and lost part of the nose of his car. After the second caution Jonathon Ortega pulled ahead in the pack with Billy Roy Harris going side by side. With only two more laps in Sherman Barnett overshot turn number one bringing on another caution. The new start was all Scott Logston needed to pull ahead of Ortega. With 10 to go Rick Ortega made his way through the pack and tried to catch up to Logston. Rojelio Perez spun out in turn two with only seven laps left to go causing another yellow on the track. After they revved up again Dave Deetz pulled ahead of Rick Ortega for second. Logston was not going to let anyone catch up to him putting a full turn ahead of himself and Deetz, taking the win.

The Street Stocks got off without any cautions and Jason Ziehl did not hesitate to pull into the lead and put some distance between himself and the pack. Several cars were door to door going four wide at one point. After Jon McDaniel’s engine blew with nine laps to go it brought the group back nose to tail. With the waive of the flag Ziehl held down his lead with Donovan Flores hot on his tail. Flores was able to pull ahead of Ziehl with seven to go. Ziehl and Justin Lasiter would then go side by side for second. With three left to go Lasiter pulled into the lead and revved up to try to catch Flores, who was a full turn ahead. Flores started last and moved his way to the lead, not only taking the win, but collecting the $500 bounty for beating McDaniel and Lasiter. During post-race technical inspections, however, Flores was disqualified  and the win was awarded to Lasiter.

The Legends were up next with Robert Sheppard taking the lead with Luis Esquivel and Joshua Jackson following close behind. The three were side by side with the rest of the pack falling a turn behind. With 14 laps to go Luis Esquivel took the lead but not for long as Joshua Jackson was able to pull ahead with 13 laps to go. Jackson was able to put some distance between himself and new second place holder Brady Labree. Labree would not hold onto second for long as Esquivel came back and took the position. With four laps left to go Alex Esquivel spun out in turn four bringing on another caution. Into the final lap Labree went side by side with Jackson, but Jackson was able to lay down on the gas and cross the checker flag first.

Last up for the night, the Modifieds roared onto the track with a lot at stake for Fito Gallardo who is second place in points. Gallardo sent himself to the back of the pack with hopes of making it all the way to the front and taking the win for a $900 pot thanks to Royal Jones, Jimmy Ray and Casey Minks. Starting off the race defending track Champion Austin Adams pulled into the lead with Jacob Gallardo hot on his tail. After a quick caution Jacob Gallardo pulled into the lead with Adams falling behind. Royal Jones made his way past Adams and then past Jacob Gallardo, rocketing to the lead. With 18 left to go Carlos Ahumada Sr. spun out in the back straight away bringing another caution. With them laying down on the gas again Jones held down his spot with Jacob Gallardo still on his tail. With 14 laps to go Jacob Gallardo swapped the lead going side by side for the lead. Jones was able to finally put some distance between them and then another caution after a car flew off the back straight away. Fito Gallardo, who was battling for a $900 pot was moving up through the pack, made it all the way up to fourth, but was not able to catch up to Jones before Fito Gallardo had some car trouble and left the track. With one lap left to go Jacob Gallardo was knocking at Jones’s backdoor, but he wasn’t quite fast enough to pass Jones before he got to the checker flag.

Next week you will not want to miss out as the Mini-Sprint Showdown plus USRA Street Stocks, USRA Limited X-Mods, Super Trucks and Casa Nissan Legends Cars. See you next week at the races!