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Underdog to the Winner’s Circle

It was the return of ASCS Winged Sprint Cars last night at the El Paso Speedway Park. Also hitting the track was the X-Mods, Street Stocks and Hornets.

Revving up first were the Street Stocks that were fighting to beat Justin Lasiter and Jon McDaniel to take the $500 dollar bounty. Heading into the third lap both Lasiter and McDaniel pushed their way from the back of the pack to the front. McDaniel pulled ahead for the lead leaving Lasiter behind in his tracks. Lasiter revved up and went door for door with McDaniel but McDaniel was holding onto his position. With three laps left to go Lasiter got close enough to McDaniel and after their cars tapped each other in turn two Lasiter pulled into the lead. There was no stopping Lasiter for the rest of the race and he took off with the win.

The Hornets buzzed onto the track and they got off to a rough start with a complete restart after Rudy Tarin Jr. spun out in turn one. Once they got going again Abe Gonzales pulled ahead with his son Andre Gonzales following right behind him. Coming from the back of the pack Todd Froats was able to sneak around and move into the leader position with Rudy Tarin Jr. moving into the second position. Froats put some serious distance between himself and Tarin Jr, but with eight laps to go Froats car slowed down and Tarin Jr. was able to pull ahead into the lead. Froats fell far behind after losing momentum leaving no one to catch Tarin Jr. as he roared past the checker flag.

Next up the show stopping X-Mods were on fire as point leader Paddy Rush scrapped against the front wall out of the start, but that didn’t bring a caution. Soon after there was a collision in turn four, but no one stopped, bringing a complete restart with everyone getting their position back. Once they got going again John Carney Sr. pulled ahead with Michael Gonzalez hot on his tail. Carney Sr. got loose in turn two with 17 laps to go and car problems gave Gonzalez a chance to pull ahead into the leader spot. Gonzalez held down his position with Alex Gonzalez, his twin brother, hot on his tail. Michael Gonzalez was not going to let his brother get too close for comfort putting some distance between the two. With Michael Gonzales securing his position the real battle was for second with Paddy Rush going door to door with Alex Gonzalez. Alex Gonzalez held off Rush and followed behind his brother through the checker flag.

Last up the fast flying Winged Sprint cars flew onto the track with their sights set on bringing in a win. The takeoff left an open runway for Cesar Fuentes to jet into the lead. He put a good turn between himself and Shawn Sander and Wes Wofford. With six laps left to go Sander laid down on the gas and got around Fuentes. Fuentes fell back to third letting Wofford pull into second. With Fuentes out of the picture nothing stood between Sander and the winner’s circle. This is Sanders first time behind the wheel on a dirt track in five years.

Next week we will have the Southwest Late Models, USRA Modifieds, USRA Street Stocks, Bombers, Casa Nissan Legends Cars and Mini-Sprints tearing up the track. See you next week at the races.