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ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Car checkers wave for Wofford

The return of the ASCS 305 Sprint Cars was probably one of the best returns as it was a great race! It was also the return of the USRA Outwest Express Trucking Street Stocks, Super Trucks, Hornets, and the USRA X-mods.

The Super Trucks had a 15 lap main until one truck took out another befor the green flag. Then two trucks got destroyed on the first lap leaving only three trucks on the track. So officials made it a 10 lap race. With only three trucks and the great racing surface we had tonight, it was a great race! Walton Kyle Jr and Ismael Garcia would go side by side the last five laps, and boy the fans went nuts! Walton Kyle Jr would win the Super Truck main event.

Another upset for Alamogordo, New Mexico driver John McDaniel as he would lead the race with Justin Lasiter coming fast, but a yellow would wave for Justin Lasiter as he would spun out of two as he was about to pass McDaniel. Then right when the caution flew John McDaniel would pull of the track!! At the green McDaniel pulled back on the track! John and Lasiter would go back to their original race for the lead. Justin Lasiter would win the main event for the USRA Street Stocks.

In the USRA X-mods it was just a Duane Murphy show. That 49 was faster than ever. He would lead, with Paddy Rush in second. Duane Murphy would win until he hit the tech area. Duane Murphy got disqualified for not having a restricter plate. Paddy Rush would take the win for the USRA X-mods.

Hornets was just a Todd Froats show all night. Until the end where things got down to the wire with Rudy Tarin Jr all over Todd for the lead. Todd would get bumped on his back bumper in the closing laps. Todd Froats would stay strong to win the Hornet main event.

In the ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars it was a "Dynamite" race. Rick Ziehl would beat Wes Wofford to lead the first lap. Later Rick Ziehl would jump to another zip code. Until Wes Wofford would find the gas pedal and come alive! Wes Wofford would catch up to Ziehl and pass him out of turn four with seven laps to go!! Wes Wofford was super fast that he was already back in Alamogordo, New Mexico!! Wes Wofford would win his first main in 2014 at El Paso for the ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars.