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Military Night wins go to Harris, Lasiter, Warhurst, Ray, Labree

Active military packed the El Paso Speedway Park, for their special night "Military Night". From all of us at the El Paso Speedway Park we want to thank all the men and women in uniform protecting the United States of America, and letting us have our freedom! It was the return of the USRA Outwest Express Trucking USRA Street Stocks, Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest, Southwest Late Models presented by Indy Screen Print, Barnett Harley Davidson USRA Western Modified's, and the season opener for the Slime Mini Sprints.

The 15 lap main event for the Southwest Late Models presented by Indy Screen Print was a Billy Roy Harris show! At the green the track was just perfect, and fast. Billy started 4th and jumped to the lead quick. Scott Logston would follow Billy Roy Harris. Billy Roy, and Scott where so fast they where in their own little world. They left the rest of the field in downtown El Paso! By the time you knew it Billy Roy was back in Deming, New Mexico! Billy Roy Harris gave a clinic in the Southwest Late Models main event.

It was a three car battle for the lead all night long in the heat race, and in the main event for the USRA Street Stocks. At the start of the twelve lap main; Chris Mijares would get to work quick! He would try to get away from the Alamogordo, New Mexico drivers John McDaniel, and Justin Lasiter. Chris would take a lap vacation from them until John McDaniel was right on his back bumper. John and Chris where side by side for the lead. John would have the bottom, but he just didn't have enough traction. Later Chris Mijares was tired of it and he tried to block! John was on the high line of Chris, and Mijares just slams his door! That slam did no damage to John, but it did slow down Chris Mijares down a ton. Now welcome to the party Justin Lasiter. We thought Justin was back home, until he found the race track. Justin was a tenth second faster then John McDaniel. Justin was so fast he passed McDaniel like if John didn't have an engine in his car! John almost had the main event in the history books, until the 22 of Justin Lasiter found the El Paso Speedway Park and took the win for the USRA Street Stocks.

The brand new class added during the off season was the Slime Mini Sprints, and boy did they have a blast! Twelve Mini Sprints checked in for battle. Now these things looked like if we got our ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars and put them in the drier! Plus we had Wes Wofford, and the "Wildman" Kyle McCutcheon join us. At the start Kyle McCutcheon had problems in his number 7x as he was driving Jerrad Warhurst back up car. Later Patrick Hurtado would show the way out of Grants, New Mexico in his Mr07. Jerrad Warhurst would run second with Wes Wofford knocking on the door. Jerrad Warhurst would take the lead and boy was he fast! A caution would come out, then later Kyle McCutcheon was back, now it was a Jerrad Warhurst and Kyle McCutcheon show up on front for the lead! Wes Wofford was trying to get passed them, but they where to fast. Kyle could not get around Jerrad therefore Jerrad Warhurst would win the season opener for the Slime Mini Sprints.

The Casa Nissan Legends where up next until they had a late competitor check in. Mother Nature would wash the Legends away. The El Paso Speedway Park officials would call a yellow and roll the Legends around the Speedway, but they were no match for Mother Nature. So the Modified's would be called to staging and they would run their main event first then the Legends.

In the Modified's it was Jimmy Ray on the pole, and Christy Georges outside pole. The green would wave and man I think Jimmy Ray needed a head start himself to catch up with his own car! Jimmy was gone! Fito Gallardo would later get around Jimmy for the lead, then Jimmy would pass Gallardo like if Gallardo blew up a motor. Well Fito Gallardo's motor erupted in smoke! Christy Georges would run in second until later her motor went off like a grenade also. Philip Houston made the trip down from Odessa, Texas. Philip was running 2nd. Royal Jones would run in third. Time would run out for Philip Houston and Royal Jones. Jimmy Ray would win the main event for the Barnett Harley Davidson USRA Western Modified's!

Mother Nature would find a hole on her radiator so she had no more water. Therefore she couldn't start the Legend main event, as the Legends came out and got their race in. At the green, Gean McGary would show the way with Luis Esquivel right behind him. Luis would get around him for the lead. Later Mike Zuloaga would show up to the party with a friend Brady Labree. Brady would get around Mike and Luis for the lead. Later Gean spun out in 3 and 4, after having such a great run. Now Luis Esquivel is trying to stop Brady from beating him two weeks in a row. But that Roaring Lion Energy Drink number 77 would win the Casa Nissan Legend main event.