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Barnett battles to USRA Limited X-Mod win at El Paso Speedway Park

The God Father Classic was a classic race to remember! as It was the return of the USRA X-Mods, Outwest Express Trucking USRA Street Stocks, Casa Nissan Legends, and the ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars.

The USRA X-Mods blow the roof off the El Paso Speedway Park even though we don't have one! In the opening laps of the race it was John Carney Sr. leading with an angry mob of cars behind him. Those cars would be, Paul Johnson, Duane Murphy, Mingo Jauregui. Those three cars went three wide for a while. They wouldn't give each other room. Later in the race after both of these drivers starting in row 5, Sherman Barnett, and Christy Georges are challenging for the lead! Sherman with seven laps to go he would slide job John Carney Sr. and get the lead. Later, Georges would get around John for second. With four laps to go Christy is trying to get around Sherman for the win! Christy has beat Sherman on the final lap twice in 2014 already this year back at Tucson International Raceway. Sherman has had enough, but Christy would get around him with three laps to go in turns one and two. Christy entered the turns to fast, and enough for Sherman to do a cross over move! Sherman back to the lead! On the final lap in turns three and four, Georges gets around Sherman, but Sherman was able to do another cross over move out of four!!! Talk about a classic night, Sherman won the main event with the crowd going wild!! Sherman in his interview said, "I just want to thank the Lord for letting and old man like me win" Christy would settle for second, and just for the information everything was okay at the dinner table that night, well at least for now...

After a wild finish in the X-Mods the fans wanted more of the same action. The Out west Express Trucking USRA Street Stocks gave that treat to the fans. It was a single file race to begin with, and Robert Vega was on top of things. Justin Lasiter, and John McDaniel would battle for second. Later those two cars would get around Robert Vega for the lead. Then at the end, Lasiter was in the bottom of John for the win! Lasiter had something in the bottom, and got John for the win!!! Lasiter would pick up the win for the USRA Street Stocks.

The night was a classic so far, but it was time for the God Father Classic main event for the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest. Four cars decide to go to the back in this one. Those drivers, where Brady Labree, Robert Sheppard, Mike Zuloaga, and Joe Alvarado. At the green Luis Esquivel, would get to work quick! He would take off. It was quiet for a while. Until Brady Labree was up in the front with, Mike Zuloaga! with four laps to go Luis Esquivel was gone, and it looked like Labree was going to finish 2nd, and Mike 3rd, but a yellow came out with two laps to go! That meant it was time for the first green, white, checker of the night. Luis would try to hold Labree at the restart Mike Zuloaga, and Brady Labree just flew right by Luis. In the final lap Mike would go side by side for the lead!! Mike was trying to win the God Father Classic. But Labree had a good run on the top. Mike looked a little faster in the bottom. At the line it was a crazy finish! It as Brady Labree picking up the win, after an upsetting race two weeks ago, when he decided to tag the field and come to the front, and not finishing the main. But Brady Labree wins one of the biggest races of the year for the Casa Nissan Legends, the God Father Classic!

With three "Dynamite" main event finishes already, lets see if the ASCS 305 Sprint Cars, can keep the party going. Lorne Wofford started on the pole. Wofford would take off. Cesar Fuentes started fourth, and jumped to second quickly. Rick Ziehl would run third. It was a single file 20 lap main event. But oh boy, things got heated up with four laps to go! Royal Jones came to a stop in turns one, and two. Royal forced a yellow and that would glue your field back together. At the restart Wes Wofford jumped it. He was on gas exiting turn three., and Wes would move to second, and the officials didn't call the restart back. So Wes would get to second. Lorne would win, Wes got 8th?!?! Cesar Fuentes 2nd, Rick Ziehl 3rd. Officials would charge Wes Wofford for jumping the restart. It was a wild finish! But Lorne Wofford picked up his first win of the 2014 ASCS 305 Sprint Car season.

A classic night of racing, and wild finishes! The fans got what their money was worth. Lets see if the Barnett Harley Davidson USRA Western Modifieds can keep it going next Friday night.

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