Gallardo Brings A-Game
Another night of racing at Western Tech Speedway Park and it was set to be a good one as the USRA Modifieds invaded. read more

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July 15, 2016
Its 305 Border International Truck Winged Sprint cars night at Western Tech Speedway Park and what a show it was! The 305’s where joined by the Super trucks, Jack Key Nissan Xmods, Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks and the Shaw trucking Southwest Late models. A little rain during the early  … read more

July 13, 2016
USRA X-Mod drivers in the Southwest will be getting their dirt on during the next eight weeks at the Western Tech Speedway Park. With only eight Friday nights left at the famous West Texas clay oval the Western Tech Speedway Park; the USRA Street Stocks won’t be the only class to race every … read more

July 8, 2016
Welcome back to the Western Tech Speedway Park for another great night of racing with the USRA Modifieds, Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, Casa Nissan Legends Cars and Claimers. Track went to a perfect dry slick for some epic slide job showdowns as we had five main events tonight. The fir … read more

June 24, 2016
The storm was headed to the track and the racing was gonna create it’s own storm Friday at the Western Tech Speedway Park in El Paso, Texas. The USRA modifieds where back with vengeance as the night got started. The Gallardo’s have been laying down the law in that class but support cl … read more

June 17, 2016
It was a wild one Friday night at the Western Tech Speedway Park as Border International 305 Winged Sprint Cars invaded. They where joined by the Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Models, Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, Jack Key Nissan USRA B-Mods and Peter Piper Pizza Super Trucks. The Peter … read more

June 10, 2016
Its Modified Night once again at the Western Tech speedway park and a little rain wouldn’t stop an entire night of high flying action packed slide jobs. The USRA modifieds, USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks, Casa Nissan legends and Southwest Shaw trucking Late models all brought down t … read more

June 9, 2016
Great things always come to end; like a super good intense adrenaline filled 30 lap Sprint Car main or a super good 20 lap Stock Car main. Sometimes it might be a relationship with a person, place, or thing. In West Texas, the city of El Paso has had the fastest, fun family entertainment for the  … read more
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